There are few more magical, Romantic ways to end an evening than with a sky full of candle-lit or a fleet of water lanterns.  These 100% biodegradable lamps will let off a warm glow that will delight your guest and set the mood for a perfect night.

Perfect for  any Occasion!!

Whether your looking for a fun way to wind down your neighborhood barbecue or a beautiful way to finish your wedding day, we’ve got the sky and water lanterns you need.  There are many colors available, so make sure to stop by and check out our selection if you’re in search of your wedding or party colors.

  • The Perfect end to a perfect day!!
  • Sky lanterns use fuse pad heat to drift into the sky.
  • Water lanterns float gracefully around any body of water.
  • 100% Biodegradable lanterns for eco-friendly festivities.
  • Available in a wide variety of bright and subtle colors.
  • A great festive gift idea.


If your looking for a brilliant,exciting ground effect, you can’t go wrong with a fountain.  These canisters launch a huge torrent of brightly colored sparks high into the air, giving viewers a long lasting, powerful show.

Connecticut’s best selection!!

When you think of fireworks, you always think big.  Thankfully, Bridget’s Sparklers offers the biggest legal firework fountains in Connecticut.  You’ll have many colors and shapes to choose from, and whether you’re interested in a cone or cylinder we promise it will be loud!

  •   The largest fountains allowed by state law!
  •   A safe exciting show for the whole family.
  •   All shapes and sizes available- cones, cylinders, and more.
  •   Loud crackling and bright, shimmering sparks.
  •   The biggest selection in the shoreline area.


Everyone loves sparklers .  It’s not often that we get to hold something so beautiful and exciting in our very hands.  If you’re interested in sharing this magic with you friends and family, check out our vast selection of sparklers and other fireworks.

A safe Spectacle!

Sparklers are one of the safest fireworks available.  Whether you want to put them on a birthday cake, give them to your children for instant fun, or use them to decorate for any event, you can rest easy knowing there is no danger.

  •  Clinton’s best selection of sparklers;
  •  Sizes up to 36 inches
  •  A variety of colors- gold, silver, multicolored and more!
  •  High quality design for long lasting fun!
  •  Safe for the whole family


Come In and check out our vast variety of garden flags and spinners to decorate your yard for all seasons! Also for other party items such as L.E.D. lighted ballons, party poppers and ground snappers!

Please call with any questions or to check on our inventory of any of our products!